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Thread: Juno

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    During my school's swimming/water polo summer camp, I met an incoming freshman boy named Juno. I found it quite interesting, and it strangely seemed to suit him, even though I prefer to see it on a girl.

    What do you think of Juno on a boy?
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    I'm not a huge fan of the name in general, but I actually prefer it on a boy. I think the reason I dislike the name so much is because I don't generally like girl names that end in -o.

    I know Juno is the female goddess, but it's pretty common to completely ignore the meaning of names. Like Claudia (lame) and Cecelia (blind).

    Plus there's a popular book series: Artemis Fowl. That Artemis is male, even though Artemis is also the name of a Greek goddess.

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    Personally, I would think the parents rather ignorant for giving the name of a goddess to a boy. I don't consider Juno unisex at all.
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    Perhaps Juneau for a boy.

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    It seems feminine to me because of the movie 'Juno', and also the goddess, but I admit it has a unisex sound IMO. I think spelled Junot or Juneau seems more masculine, but in either case, good for him for pulling it off!
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