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    Help with boys list, what's missing?

    Could you please comment on my boys list and suggest names you think my fiancé and I would like? I feel like my girls list is so much better right now, need help with the boys! Middle names are family names.

    Benjamin August
    Asher Wolf
    Owen Zachary
    Griffin Edward
    Nolan Thomas
    Everett Joseph (fiancé is unsure on Everett)
    Reid Carson (fiancé also unsure on this)
    Lucas Vaughn (my FSIL is pregnant and they like Lucas for a boy so this may be off our list)

    We also like Devin & Dylan but I don't have them in combos right now so open to suggestions


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    I like Benjamin August and Nolan Thomas the best. My bro's name is Devin Scott... I think it goes pretty well. I like Dylan Reid or Dylan Joseph (D.J.).
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    Wow, all of your pairings are quite nice. My favorites in this order are:
    Benjamin August
    Nolan Thomas
    Asher Wolf
    Owen Zachary
    Reid Carson

    I like Everett but not paired with Joseph

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    Benjamin August - Very nice
    Asher Wolf - Also very nice
    Owen Zachary - Like it
    Griffin Edward - Great
    Nolan Thomas - Love
    Everett Joseph (fiancé is unsure on Everett) - Fabulous
    Reid Carson (fiancé also unsure on this) - nice
    Lucas Vaughn (my FSIL is pregnant and they like Lucas for a boy so this may be off our list) - nice, but a little girly since Lucas and Lucas are sometimes used on girls and Vaughn is not the most masculine boy name

    I love your taste in names! My favorite was Asher Wolf.
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    Benjamin August - I normally don't like August, but it works well here. Benjamin is great
    Asher Wolf - I like it, but think I would prefer one name to be more substantial/classic (as every other combo includes a classic)
    Owen Zachary - I like it, but it's not as formal and strong as your other names
    Griffin Edward - Like it
    Nolan Thomas - Love it!
    Everett Joseph - I don't like the flow with Joseph, but like both names. Maybe Emmett would work better?
    Reid Carson - Reid is so boring and lacks substance in the fn spot, imo
    Lucas Vaughn - I like it

    Dylan and Devin are both average to me. Very dated and kind of strike me as low-class

    I actually like a lot of your first name options, so maybe you'd like some of my favorite first names as well. Some I think are similar in style:
    Simon, etc.

    Good luck!

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