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    I say Joss-lyn, two syllables. I grew up in a french community and always loved the name, its so beautiful in french, then hearing it later in life in English, i was turned off. But I was hearing redneck people pronounce it harshly like jawz-uh-lyn or something, not attractive. Now I am used to it in English and have an English friend with the name and notice most people say joss-lyn and it sounds lovely. I adore the nn Joss!! I have Josephine on my shortlist, and got there by looking for a full name for Joss. I don't think Josie is the "natural" nn for Jocelyn.

    I also like the sounds of Mason, Brenna and Jocelyn
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    Thanks, haha. I love the sound of Rafferty. It's a fun name
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    I think Jocelyn sounds good with Mason and Brenna. I like it. I don't think Josie's automatic. I think it's fully plausible if someone were to prefer it over Joss, but I agree Joss would be the default. I personally pronounce it with three syllables (but not jaws, definitely Joss), maybe I'm a bit of a redneck (smile to previous poster). I did grow up sort of in the south so I wonder if there really is a dialect thing here. I live in the northeast now and I work with a Jocelyn - I feel like I hear 2 and 3 syllable pronunciations about equally. It's interesting to see so many posters saying 2 here. I mean, linguistically, a weak syllable really is something like half a syllable, so it really is 2.5 if you average it out, but people do have a lot of individual variation in exactly what they do (partly influenced by dialect, definitely).

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    Jocelyn Maeve is gorgeous. I love it!

    I pronounce it both ways, depending on how fast I'm talking JOSS-lynn, and JAH-suh-lynn. I think both ways are gorgeous. JOSS-lynn is probably far more common, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    And I agree with everyone else; no one will call her Josie automatically.

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    Thanks everybody! Nice to see positive feedback. Jesba, appreciate the insight on different dialects. I definitely think if I choose the name I have to be ok with the fact that she'll probably get both pronounciations. I really am not bothered by JOSS UH LIN but would probably train at least close friends and family to say it the way I prefer. Thanks again for the replies and keep me comin- really starting to consider this name now!

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