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    Another random one for you: questions on Jocelyn

    I swear anyone keeping tabs on my posts would think I was all over the place stylistically! And maybe I am I'm really trying to revisit names I never would have considered before as my husband and I really don't agree on anything this time around. Would love to have fresh ideas to present him with and this name falls under the category of names I always found pretty but would probably never use. As the usual case when I try new name ideas, Jocelyn probably doesn't work perfectly in my sibset, but I'm trying to get over the sibset obsession. How do you think Jocelyn Maeve sounds with siblings Mason Patrick and Brenna Claire? Also, I'd love to know how most of you pronounce the name.. With or without the little "uh" hiccup between Joss and Lyn? I prefer it pronounced with two syllables, as in "Joslyn" but I don't think I could ever bring myself to use a conjured up spelling like that. Lastly, I enjoy the nn Joss but I do not like Josie. Is Josie avoidable? Sorry for the novel, having quite a name nerdy day!

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    I say it like joss-lyn, without the 'uh' in the middle. I wouldn't think to nn Jocelyn as Josie immediately. It would only occur to me if I was really brainstorming other options than Joss, if that makes sense. It's not automatic/natural, imo.

    Jocelyn Maeve sounds lovely, and I think it fits extremely well with the other two children, actually!
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    LOVE Jocelyn! It would easily be on my list, but I have a no-unisex ultimatum for girls' FNs. I have one and I just wouldn't want my daughter to go through the negative aspects of my name that I really don't like. I don't want my daughter to feel like her femininity is limited because she doesn't have a fully feminine name. I have felt that way, and I hate it. Otherwise, it'd easily be on my list. I actually really like Mason, Brenna, and Jocelyn together, and Joss is adorable. I used to work with a Jocelyn who went by Jossie/Josci/Jocie? I'm not sure how she spelled it, but it was like JOSS-ee. I thought that was sweet, too. I'm with you--I really don't like Josie. I don't think it'd be that hard to avoid.

    Jocelyn Maeve is lovely. I really like it.
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    I agree! Nice fit, intuitive Joss not Josie, and the second syllable of Jocelyn is like the second syllable of Catherine: pronounced rarely to never. The only thing is that it sounds like jostlin'.
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    Thanks All. Sansa, just had to say I was reading your signature and the boys' name Rafferty with nn Rafe makes me swoon!!!! Just had to add that, but thanks for the feedback so far
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