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    Charlotte- the harlot, pretty but overdone
    Charlie- freckles
    Beatrice- Princess Beatrice
    Georgiana- Pride and Prejudice, one of my favourite names
    Georgie- Georgie Porgie, Puddin' and Pie
    Rosalie- blonde curls and flushed cheeks
    Francesca- a businesswoman (?)
    Seraphine- pink and lilac chiffon and silk
    Caroline- a story book
    Ireland- the country, pinks and blues and rugged hills
    Elowen- an ancient tree
    Cora- a pink and white hardback book
    Lyra- Belacqua
    Aria- the musical Love Never Dies
    Lilah- a friendly, spaniel-type dog (no idea where that came from, sorry!)
    India- an elegant girl in a dark silk dress


    Desmond- greasy hair
    Henry- cricket jumpers
    Everett- creepy
    Malcolm- middle-aged car mechanic
    Eli- the film Witness
    Gabriel- messy fair hair
    Arthur- mysterious legends, dramatic Cornish cliffs, and Bradley James
    Shepherd- surname, sheep
    Gwendolen & Jerome & Rosenwyn & Nikolai

    Seasonal lovelies
    Demelza Clove . Jorah Dunstan . Cerelia Autumn . Rupert Garrick . Hesper Scarlett .
    Nashua Rowan . Cassia Hecate . Jasper Gwydion . Rowena Aspen . Reid Septimus

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