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    Did anyone else have this problem?

    I have names on my list that DH and I love and would have no issue saying what feels like 500 times a day while our child is small and then saying it for the rest of their lives. None of the names are embarrassing either. However I can't imagine our parents saying them. They both know our favorites and routinely pull faces or suggest "better" names. I can see all too well "Yes, you heard correctly. His middle name is Rune/Tadgh." or "I said Elodie, not Melody."

    Did anyone else struggle with this? How did you deal with with it?

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    A lot of the names we like I can't imagine our family or parents calling the child that, but ultimately I don't think it's a big deal. It will become normal once the kid is here, and it's a possibility that grandparents will have nicknames or pet names for the little ones anyway I wouldn't let it ever deter me from using a name I loved.
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    Sorry you are going through that!

    Yes I had this issue when trying to find names when I was expecting. My parents and brother could be ruthless. My mother called me and said she couldn't sleep at night thinking of us naming our child Josephine. and my mom is a sweet lady the vast majority of times. I know it can be so hurtful

    I don't have any ideas for how to deal with it. I can say that if you love the names you should stick with them. If you still love the names after hearing a lot of negative stuff then all the more reason to use them (of course in my opinion this applies to legit names which are spelled correctly and gender appropriate, where the issue is purely taste based).
    The vast majority of people will let it go when the baby is born and named. My mom tells us now what a handsome name We chose and she regrets trying to deter us. It still irks me though cause I felt iffy on using the name knowing in the back of my mind my family didn't like it. My brother still says he thinks Edmund is a stupid name (18 months later).
    You can't control people's thoughts and comments. You either don't tell people the name until birth (which is just not possible for some of us that like feedback) or accept that some people are going to be negative and rude (unfortunately).
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    This is really hard. I casually dropped a couple of my favorite names the other day--Evangeline and Agnes--and my sister went into spasms over how horrible they are, and to pleeeeasssseee not subject her niece to either. I'm beginning to come to the serious conclusion of not discussing my babies names with anyone (except possibly my best friend) and having them find out with the rest of the world what the babies are called.
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    My in laws don't like anything that isn't a family name. I'm sick of hearing the same 10 names recycled over and over. Yet with their youngest they gave him one family name, one not. All the others have two family names. MIL said Isaac was atrocious and Ethan wasn't usable either. She repeatedly suggests Harry or Anthony and Ophelia. I don't see it as fair as she's named eight of her own children.
    My mother finds a way to make everything into a teaseable nickname. My mom suggests Anthony as well but DH and I don't like it. And she wants a granddaughter named after her.
    I don't want to share anything with either family when we do have kids for but DH is big about sharing EVERYTHING with his family. I feel like its a no-win situation.

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