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    Sylvie is a French name in it's own right; it certainly has enough gravitas to stand alone. If anyone asks, tell them Sylvie is the French form of Sylvia and leave it at that.
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    Sylvie is actually the French version of Sylvia, so it is definitely a proper name, as is Alienor to Eleanor, Maybelle to Mabel, Emilie to Emily and Evangelique for Evangeline. I think Sylvie's a gorgeous, refreshing name

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    I love Sylvie. As you can see below it's high on my list. It works perfectly well on its own in my opinion.
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    it is a little bit for me.

    i prefer nicknamey names to HAVE A FULL NAME.

    so i'd name her Sylvia and call her Sylvie.

    you have to think will a grown woman always want to be known as Sylvie?

    using a 'full first name' gives your child OPTIONS & FLEXIBILITY so they arent stuck with a possibly unprofessional/grown up name that will go on business cards, the name plaque on her office door, called by her boss when shes up for a promotion, or said when shes introduced to her future husband for the first time etc.

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    I think Sylvie is perfect on it's own, and like pps have said, I look at it as Sophie to Sophia, Julie to Julia, etc. It sounds perfectly lovely on both a child and an adult. I actually prefer Sylvie a lot to Sylvia!

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