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    I adore the name Sylvie, and I think it works perfectly on its own. Plus, using a "nickname" as an actual name means that your daughter won't constantly have to correct people during role call. "Sylvia?" ... "I go by Sylvie."

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    I used to think it did, but I'm coming to see it as more like Sophia/Sophie, Julia/Julie, etc. I think your choice should probably be based on what sounds better with your surname.

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    Sylvie is a lovely French take on Sylvia and I think it's elegant. Spell-check and new aquaintences may well assume Sylvia leading to a lifetime of corrections.
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    My Sylvia has never been mistaken for Silver (she's 4). I think people expect Sylvia as a name, not Silver. We call her Sylvie, but I've only been asked a couple times whether that was her full name. I know it's the French version, but to us Sylvia seemed more complete.
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    I think Sylvie is to Sylvia what Sophie is to Sophia. Perfectly acceptable as a full name in my opinion.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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