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    Question Is Sylvie too nicknamey to be used as a first name?

    I love sylvie as an updated version of Sylvia but am worried that people will see it as not a proper name :S I also like sylva but on hearing it it may sound like silver (the colour) which is totally not what I want. Suggestions berries?
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    Personally I prefer Sylvia nn Sylvie but there are a lot of nicknames as names coming into fashion lately so I see no reason why Sylvie won't follow suit
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    I think Sylvie works as a first name on its own and I like it a lot. It's pretty and classy in one.

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    I know a little Sylvie with a sister Alice

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    Sylvie is fine as a first name. It certainly stands on its own. To our English-speaking ears, it sounds nickname-ish, but I think that it's sophisticated enough to work. Should anyone try to criticise the choice, let them know its simply the French variation of the name.

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