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    Suggestions for male character name?

    Hello! I'm new to nameberry and need help finding a name for a male character. I've mostly been using Latin names for other characters because the story takes place in an alternate universe and I'm trying to stray away from names that jump out as belonging to a culture that already exists. I've started branching out more though, since I can't find everything I'm looking for in a name.

    My character's name has been just A for now. Here are some details:

    -18, soon to be 19
    -Dark brown hair/almost black
    -Light brown eyes
    -About 6'1" in height
    -Has a slightly muscular build

    -Currently serving a 2 year mandatory military service in his country
    -Studying medicine there
    -Has a twin brother, Silas, who is in college studying Biology and Ecology
    -He is the older twin
    -Has been orphaned since birth
    -Grew up in a boarding
    -Took Silas's place in the military, though Silas does not know
    -Also the more intelligent and responsible of the two brothers
    -Will play a large role in helping my protagonist later in the story

    I'm trying to subtly give all the characters in the story a name with a meaning that relates to them. I'm about 90% sure I want to use Silas for A's brother since it means "man of the forest." What would be a nice name to go with Silas? I'm looking for something unusual but not out there with the meanings doctor, helper, aid, skillful/skilled, intelligent, strong, protector, etc. I'm not having much luck anywhere and it's frustrating. If you have any suggestions I'd appreciate them! Sorry for this longish post. Hopefully they won't be this long in the future.

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    I actually came across a name today that could work. The name is Callidius, pronounced Cal-lih-dee-us. It's from the Latin for "skillful" and Cal for a nickname is growing on me. Would this work for a name?

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    Callidius is... umm... not the best. It's just too much and reminds me of Roman fighters. If you want the nickname Cal, here are a few names: Callum, Caleb, Callen, Calvin, or Cullen. Some other suggestions for "A" could be- Alexander, Jacob, Stellan, Sebastian, Soren, Rhys, Tristan, Porter, Donovan, Zander, Kellan, William, Emerson, Declan, Forrest, Ezra, Xavier, Carter, Jaxon, Ford, Garrett, Cade, Archer, Thatcher, Finn, Ryan, Madden, Dominic, Nicholas, Rowan, Noah, Zan or Parker.

    Hope I helped! Good luck with your story!
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    From the choices above, I think that that Callum, Xavier, Archer, Thatcher and Madden are the best. Most masculine association that fits your above description.

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