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Thread: Take 2!

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    Wesley- I adore this name. I think of Westley in "The Princess Bride", so it's a bit of a dashing name. Wesley Scott flows great... #1
    Jack- I know so many baby Jacks right now, that I swear every friend of mine seems to be posting a new Jack on Fb. It's completely lost its charm for me... #4
    Charles- It's an ok name. I think I'd give this #2.
    William- To me, it completely depends on the nn. I know so many Liams right now... both just Liam, and Liam short for William. Will would be nice, and I don't think he'd be drowning in a sea of Williams... but there is a huge sea of Liams right now (my nephew was almost Liam). #3
    Aiden- I can respect your love for Aiden... let's face it, it's has a great sound! The problem with Aiden isn't just Aiden... it's Jaden, Jaiden, Jayden, Braeden, Brayden, Rayden, Caden, Cayden, Kaden, Kayden, etc. There are so many -aiden names that he'll be rhyming with half the school. It's kind of like naming your son John knowing his class will be full of Rons and Dons... it's just overkill.
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    Wesley Scott - okay
    Jack Edward - ok flow, maybe go with Jackson nn Jack
    Charles Jonathan - no flow, skip
    William Joseph or William Scott - go with Scott as the middle
    Aiden Joseph Lee - TRENDY skip

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    I honest really like all the names but I feel that Wesley Scott stands out the most. Good luck!

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    1. William Joseph. This exact name is one of my personal favorites. I love how William is classic, and it's strong and masculine without being macho, if you know what I mean haha. And using Liam as a nn is a great way to honor your Irish heritage (though Will is always great as well!). William has been my favorite boy's name since I was twelve or so. I like the two-syllable/two-syllable pair of William Joseph, but William Scott sounds wonderful as well.
    2. Jack Edward. I love the name Jack for exactly the reasons you described. Jack Edward is so handsome!
    3. Wesley Scott. I think Wesley is a charming name, and it pairs wonderfully with Scott.
    4. Charles Jonathan. Charles is one of my less favorite classical boys names, but I still like it. And Charlie can make it fun and informal. I like Charles Edward a lot too.
    5. Aiden Joseph Lee. It is a wonderful name, but for some reason I can't get over Aiden's popularity. Usually popularity doesn't bother me at all (William, Sophia, and Madeleine, for example, are very popular but I would use any of them in a heartbeat.) Aiden I just can't do that for somehow. Maybe it's because of not just all the Aidens, but also the Jaidens, Haydens, Braydens, Kaidens, etc. Owen and Liam, on the other hand, are too fairly popular Irish names that I would certainly use. Owen Joseph Lee is really nice, and it has the same two syllables and the "en" ending like Aiden.
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