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Thread: Take 2!

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    Take 2!

    Here is our second jab at naming the babe. We've gotten rid of some, added possible middle names (emphasis on possible, middle names aren't set in stone), and have come up with a slew of nicknames. We're a very "nickname-y" type of family.

    Wesley- "Wes, Lee"
    Lee is a family name and I like that it is in some way incorporated into the name. The full name for a possible Wesley might be Wesley Scott.
    Jack- "Jack, Jacks"
    Ive always found Jack to be quite handsome and almost mischevious. It has no significance to us, but it's a name we both like. The full name for Jack would be Jack Edward, after my grandfather and DH's Godfather.
    Charles- "Charlie"
    Again, no significance, just a name we love. I love the meaning and the easy transition from formal to relaxed. We like Charles Jonathan, the middle being after my father.
    William- "Will, Liam"
    William honors DH's side, we both love the name, it's a pure classic- something we both look for in a name. We're liking William Joseph or William Scott. Joseph after my grandfather and Scott after my dad's middle name.
    Aiden honors both of our Irish heritage and we like the meaning. I've always said popularity doesn't bother me but I worry he will always be Aiden [initial] or Aiden [last name]. Anyways, Aiden would probably be Aiden Joseph Lee.

    Please, give us your honest opinions! Thank you!

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    My favorites of these would be Wesley Scott & Jack Edward.
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    casilayne Guest
    Jack, Charles and William have always been some of my favorites. I really like the flow of William Scott.

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    I love:


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    All of the choices you have are great! Honestly, you couldn't go wrong with any of them. I will give you my top 3 of your choices.

    1. Wesley Scott with nn Wes or Lee - This name has it all, it's handsome, has nn potential, and honors family, a winning combination in my book! Plus, Wesley always reminds me of the movie the Princess Bride (awesome movie) and Wesley is such a great character in that movie.
    2. Aiden Joseph Lee - I know that this name is super popular, but I can't help but love it and it's meaning. I especially love your combination with the two middles it flows very nicely! I would see if this name is really popular where you live, I know where I live this name isn't as popular as other places, we have more Kaidens/Kaydens, Haydens/Haidens, etc than Aiden's.
    3. Jack Edward - Jack is so handsome, masculine, and will grow well with a child!

    Good luck in deciding on your little one's name.

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