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Thread: Demon Girl!

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    Demon Girl!

    Out of all these names, which do you think would fit better on a "Daughter of Darkness?" It's a story idea I plan to work on in the future, possibly soon.

    The girl in question is around 18 or 19 years old, with jet-black hair, dark brown eyes, and pale skin. Unlike her demoness mother and succubus sisters, she is not stunningly pretty, but she does look more human than they do (her father is a mortal) and is considered "pretty" by human standards. She is introverted and shy, but extremely loyal and caring to the few close friends she has. Her powers are very rare, an element called "darkness", such as being able to hear a person's saddest or darkest thoughts or seeing a person's most painful memories via touch.

    Her last name will likely be Thorpe. And I am, as always, opened to any and all suggestions. Plus, if you have any name ideas for the mother and sisters (there are six), feel free to mention it.



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    Lorelei works best

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