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    I like the sound of Amelia more than Camilla; I've also known a number of annoying Camillas, to the point of disliking the name.

    A nice compromise, also, would be Camille (Cuh-meel).

    But my vote goes to Amelia; a bit nicer, more nicknames, gives varied impressions.
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    I know it's been nixed, but I love the Charlotte nn Charlie idea. It's perfect.

    Of the two, Amelia speaks more to me.

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    I've been leaning recently towards Amelia too- so I'm glad that's been the favorite.

    In theory, I like the Charlotte/Charlie idea, but I just don't like a masculine name for my character and I think Charlotte is too stiff (don't get me wrong, I LOVE the name) for this particular situation.

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