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    Sister for Charlotte

    My husband and I were just blessed with a baby girl last month. We named her Charlotte Elise. She is a beautiful, energetic and inquisitive little lady. I almost can't wait to give her a sibling. I have Genevieve in mind as a name for a future sister but I would love other name suggestions as well as middle name suggestions for Genevieve, I haven't found a combination that I have loved long term yet. Thanks in advance,
    (Mommy to Charlotte)

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    Congrats! I love both Charlotte and Genevieve! They would be beautiful siblings

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    I love the previous suggestion of Genevieve Audrey. Sounds so sophisticated and classy! Audrey is a favorite of mine but it's hard to picture it on a baby, I only picture the amazing Audrey Hepburn, so I especially like it in the middle name spot. Some others that could work:

    Genevieve Skye
    Genevieve Violet
    Genevieve Lola
    Genevieve Grace (maybe not because of the 2 G's but they are pronounced differently)
    Genevieve Chloe (love this!)
    Genevieve Daphne
    Genevieve Alice
    Genevieve Noelle (also love this!)
    Genevieve Mia
    Genevieve Aria
    Genevieve Amelia
    Genevieve Cora
    Genevieve Nora
    Genevieve Isabella
    Genevieve Katherine
    Genevieve Clara (love!!)
    Genevieve Leila/Leyla/Layla (love!)
    Genevieve Celeste (soooo pretty)
    Genevieve Elizabeth
    Genevieve Lily

    Some of them are longer middle names, but for the most part I think they flow with Genevieve Because Genevieve doesn't end in a -y sound or -a sound, it's a little easier to find a name that sounds good with it. It's so pretty and goes well with Charlotte. Charlotte and Genevieve, how cute!
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