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    Thanks for all the great and thoughtful responses! This is exactly what I was interested in hearing about. Very reassuring, helpful and fun to read!

    I feel better about having one boy name picked now, instead of feeling like I have settled (definitely have not! we look at names ever single day, and its the only one we have ever agreed on).

    I'm a resident and have been on the baby catching side plenty, and have always wondered how parents sometimes would say "oh they look like a so-so", cause to me they all look pretty much the same, especially when fresh! (i don't mean that callously at all, every baby is extremely special!) But I have yet to be on the other side and i was wondering when its your own newborn freshie you have a better sense of what name might suit it. I'm glad people commented on that perspective. I was telling myself I would pick from 3 names when I saw her, but deep down I think I was just delaying making a final decision/commitment. I think I'm going to go ahead and work on choosing a single girl's name before the big day!

    Thanks everyone for sharing
    - the littles-

    Edmund James & Josephine Poppy

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