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    How important are sibsets?

    My naming style is quite varied; I certainly have a stylistic preference, but I'm no opposed to reaching out of my 'classic/vintage/uncommon' box and having some more fun.

    For instance, my top three boy's names right now are Hector, Matthias, and Dashiel; Dashiel feels out of place stylistically, but I'm not opposed to using all three. Similarly, I like Helena and Juniper.

    Does it matter if sibling names don't 'match' each other? If I name my children Keith and Barnaby, or Jayden and Socrates, would it really matter?
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    If it doesn't matter to you (and your partner), then it doesn't matter at all.

    Like all things, it comes back to personal preference.
    To some it is super important, others not a consideration.

    I fall somewhere in the middle.. I prefer my children's names to compliment one another.. to me this means have a similar level of rarity, and a similar kind of length (shortish) and to each sound equally 'special' (which is of course subjective!).
    But unlike many, not too worried about matching the history, origin, era, meaning, syllables etc... But that's just me!

    I think that 'names you love' can be enough of a 'theme' Though obviously the more eclectic your style the more mismatched your siblings are likely to be..

    But really? Your children won't be considered as part of a sibling 'set' for very long (childhood only) and it seems unfair to subsequent children to pick a name you love less just because it matches their elder siblings more..?

    ETA: I think your names sound great together! Love them all
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    slave bracelets put it a lot better than I ever could!
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    slave bracelets said it perfectly!

    I have several cousins who've chosen mis-matched sib sets for their kids; they'll have two or three kids that follow one pattern (usually less common vintage classics) and then one kid, usually the middle child, has a super trendy non-vintage name. And by Berry's standards it shouldn't work, but their sib sets flow together fine and no one is put off by the mis-matchiness.
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    I'm a big believer in cohesive sibsets, but never at the expense of choosing names you actually love.
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