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    Funky - Clunky Girls names!

    My elder sister + her husband are expecting their first, a daughter, and have asked me to help with names, because, as my sister put it, I'm usually full of ideas (YAY LOL). Our style is fairly similar, however, I'd like to expand it beyond my name loves (mainly because a few are reserved for my future children), and that's where y'all come in.

    Our style was best defined here:
    HTML Code:
    , by Elea (love her lists so much!), and her term "funky-clunky". This is what she classified them as:

    Funky-Clunky perfectly sums up those quirky, borderline names that straddle a divide between "old-fashioned" and "uber-cool". These names certainly are not soft, light or particularly "cute" sounding. Their bold, and somewhat heavy sound, and stuffy image is precisely what makes them intriguing. Funky-clunkies are like the posh family silver, covered in dust in a box and forgotten about by many people -- but, taken out, polished up, and placed in a new setting they can look remarkably striking.

    These names are not modern or popular as you could describe Miley or Mason; neither are they long-standing vintage choices such as Sophie or Joshua that are very much vogue, nor recent turn-of-the-century revivals such as Stanley or Harriet. They do, however, have the distinction of having bundles of history and weight behind them, giving them a distinguished and dignified charm. They are familiar, but not popular; and with some of their former contemporaries, who sat alongside them in their heyday, sitting at the top of the ranks, these funky-clunkies do have potential to be future hits in decades to come. Daring but trend-setting choices.

    The baby's last name will be Pitts, so Harriet, and anything beginning with P are out. Other than that, I'll add any suggestions I think she and my brother in-law will like and add them to my list! Thank you

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