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    Not even sure where to start on my second daughter's name.

    I am at a loss for what to name second daughter and would love some suggestions so I can put together a list of possibilities. My first daughter's name is Kirsten Lucille. Kirsten was my husband's first choice for a girl's name last time and Lucille is my mother-in-law's name.

    I am looking to use Lynn for the middle name for this one as it is the family name I wanted to pass down next. Beyond that, I am open to about anything.

    Any ideas would be very appreciated!

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    It's hard to try to give a list going off just one name, but here are some that seem to go well with Kirsten (which is lovely)
    Celia Lynn
    Bridget Lynn
    Sarah Lynn
    Amelia Lynn
    Sophia Lynn
    Maura Lynn
    Hannah Lynn
    Meredith Lynn
    Miriam Lynn
    Naomi Lynn
    Rebecca Lynn
    Catherine Zelie | Jude Francis
    Elanor Magdalene | Finnian ??
    Rosemary Lark | Calder Timothy
    Genevieve ?? | William Augustine
    Agnes Valentine | Harrison Peter

    Lucy ~ Fiona ~ Leia ~ Jane ~ Edith ~ Primrose ~ Gail ~ Gloria
    Elizabeth ~ Therese ~ Maisy ~ Susannah ~ Molly ~ Juniper

    August ~ Harrison ~ Benedict ~ Andrew/Ander ~ Ignatius
    Peter ~ Percival/Percy ~ Bram ~ Lewis ~ Oliver ~ Calvin

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    Here are a few more suggestions:


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    Hmm....some thoughts:

    With your other daughter's name starting with K, I'd rule out names starting with K or a hard C sound, unless you really really love it.
    With both Kirsten and Lynn ending in -n, I'd avoid names ending in N.
    With Lynn starting with L, I'd avoid L.
    With Lynn being a short name, you might do well with a longer first, or if the name is shorter, longer vowel sounds, to give balance.
    Kirsten has an interesting style. It's Scandinavian in origin, but so few names are that's probably not a major category to investigate. I'll have a few selections below though.
    Kirsten is also one of those names that was most popular a generation or two back, but never so overwhelmingly that it sounds particularly dated now, so you might want to draw from names in that category, as opposed to names that are more classic or names that are more currently in vogue.

    With those in place, here are some of the names that come to mind (really liking Erica for being in quite the same vein):
    Kirsten Lucille and...

    Amy Lynn
    Antonia Lynn
    Emily Lynn
    Erica Lynn
    Freya Lynn
    Greta Lynn
    Ingrid Lynn
    Miranda Lynn
    Molly Lynn
    Monica Lynn
    Natalie Lynn
    Petra Lynn
    Philippa Lynn
    Sabrina Lynn
    Sonia Lynn
    Valerie Lynn
    Victoria Lynn

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    Emilia Isabel Claire•Nahla Anjali Rose
    Liliana Tallulah Grace•Ivy Emilia Pearl

    Elijah Leon Delaine•Micah Isaac James
    Delaine Legrande Wilder•Silas John Paul



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