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    You have a lot of nice names on there. My favorites are:


    Arthur -- I prefer it without a nickname
    Augusten -- I like it for Augusten Burroughs and without a nn
    Barnaby -- again, no nn for me. I wish more people used this
    Bartholomew -- Same with this. I like Mew
    Cassius -- But I pronounce it cass-ee-us and don't use a nn
    Nathaniel -- This was on my list for a long time. I like it without a nn
    Percival -- I hate Percy so much >.<
    Peregrin -- <3 I'd use Pippin
    Raphael -- This ones on my list with the nn Ra


    Alice -- I like it with no nn
    Amelia -- again, no nn
    Anastasia -- I think I might use Tia for this one. How are you getting Star?
    Aurelia -- no nn
    Gwendolyn (Gwen/Winnie)
    Helena -- but only pronounced helen-ah. I like Nell as a nn but probably wouldn't use one
    Minerva -- Love it and wish people would use it.
    Sophia (Sophie) -- This ones on my list as a middle for Guenevere
    Sybil -- I wouldn't use a nn or I'd use Sibbie -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Thanks for all the positive comments!

    To answer dantea's question of how I got the nn Star from Anastasia, I knew a girl at school called Anastasia who went by Star. It really suited her and I prefer it to nn like Nastia and Stacey, although Tia is quite nice.

    Leahmarie, I love the suggestion of nn Colm for Malcolm! However, for the girl's names, I dislike Charlie and Ellie as they have negative connotations for me (mean girls at school).

    I have another question for you:

    My number one names from my list are (currently!) Bartholomew (Tolly) and Helena (Nell). Helena is actually a family name (paternal grandmother, though I never met her). I think Tolly and Nell would make an adorable sibset. don't you agree? Also, it is a tradition in my family to use family names for middle names, so out of these names, which would work best with Bartholomew and Helena?

    Bryan (father)
    James (brother)
    Kenneth (paternal uncle)
    Norman (paternal uncle)
    Richard (paternal uncle)
    John (maternal grandfather)

    Sophie (paternal grandmother's middle name, who I am named after - full circle there)
    Grace (my middle name)
    Margaret (my middle name, maternal grandmother, paternal aunt, maternal aunt's middle name - very popular name in my family!)
    Lorraine (mother)
    Pamela (maternal aunt, maternal great-aunt)
    Elisabeth (paternal aunt)

    Thanks x

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    I think the best combos are:
    Bartholomew James
    Bartholomew John (Since Bartholomew is so long I think you need a very short middle)
    Helena Grace (Though Grace is becoming pretty popular as a middle)
    Helena Lorraine (Really pretty)
    Helena Elisabeth

    If I was choosing, I'd say Bartholomew James and Helena Lorraine.

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