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    I definitely was a quiet, thoughtful hothead (thanks lizgingermitch for a description!). I feel like Elizabeth would work, since Lizzy Bennet comes to mind. I also feel like Fiammetta would work too...something soft, but with a fiery meaning.
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    At the age of ten, I would probably be named Claire. I was kind of shy around people then, but at home I was outgoing. This is what I imagine a Claire would act like.
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    Violet. Small, thoughtful, a bit nerdy, but not completely introverted. Nature, but too curmudgeonly (yes, I was a curmudgeonly 10 year old) to be a hippie Meadow Rainbow type name.

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    Interesting responses! I feel like berries sometimes seem more self-aware than the general population.
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    I was Fiery, Feisty, and full of energy as a little girl...I think the name Mieke, Liv, tatiana, Sansa, larke....something spunky..

    My name is Natasha, and I think this actually suits me quite well =) good job mama!

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