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    Name Your Past Self

    I was reflecting the other day and decided that either Emmeline or Rhiannon would have suited little-girl-me perfectly (but don't fit the person I currently am nearly as well.) It got me thinking about how people can grow into and out of names.

    So if you could go back in time and rename kid you, what would you choose?

    (Note: I'm not asking what you would have renamed yourself at 10, but what current you would name 10-year-old you.)
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    At that age I was a bit shy, but I still made a lot of friends. At that age I also identified more as Swedish than American, which is what I identify myself with at this age. So I would have chosen a sweet, maybe a shorter name, that sounds/is more Swedish than Ashley. I think Emmy or Saga would have suited me perfectly at that age.
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    As a little little kid I was definitely a complete drama queen. Something like Tallulah, Brigitte or Josephina comes to mind (yes, all over the place, but those all give me the image of a spunky, outgoing, loud and in-charge little girl).

    By age ten my style had developed into very alternative, still outgoing, definitely into music, etc. Except for my obvious "little girl" appearance, I definitely acted well older than my age and deserved a name a lot more mature too. Names I picture for ten-year-old me are things like Aurora, still Brigitte, Demi, Eliana, etc.

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    At 10...I loved the name Jacqueline, but probably something softer like Shannon or Seraphine.

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    I was shy and a bit of a know-it-all. I also could be quite silly at times. I think Sophie or Clara would have suited me then.
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