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    Classic FN or a bit more unusual FN?

    We haven't yet found out the sex, but I am sort of obsessed with baby names. Even though I'm only 13 weeks, I think we may have a boy's name. Only I'm not sure of the order in which we should choose it. So, do you prefer

    William Leander


    Leander William?

    Part of me really wants to use Leander as a first name because it's a bit more unusual, but William is a "safe", classic choice. What do you think? Last name is Boman...

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    Leander William. As long as you and your partner love Leander, I see nothing wrong with going with it. It's unusual, but not too out there
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    I love both names so I think you are safe with either Personally I would go with Leander... its unusual, but not too out there like some names.

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    Leander, its becoming more heard of as a Xander alternative, its not as out there as you may think.

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    I think both are great choices. I would go with the name you and your husband really connect with.

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