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    Do they have 'Natural birthing rooms' in America?

    I'm not pregnant and have not had a child, but I've recently been watching the 'One Born Every Minute' shows, I live in the US and was wondering if they had birthing rooms here like the comfortable ones in this show? With things such as Birthing Swings? I have only ever seen women shown in traditional hospital beds on TV and things over here, and think the way a lot of women seem to do on 'One Born Every Minute' looks a lot nicer!

    Maybe a silly question but I wasn't sure where to ask!

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    What do the rooms in the show look like? I've never seen the show.

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    normal hospitals no - you'd probably have to go to a specialized place and pay a lot of money

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    It depends on where you live and how "granola" your town is. I live in a hippie, crunchy kind of town and our hospital has a full birthing center with tubs, swings, balls, etc. and they encourage natural birth and adamantly push breastfeeding. But if you live somewhere like Southern Florida where c-sections are scheduled like hair appointments, it would be very hard to find. I just recently watched the English version of the show and was so aggravated with the maternity care system in America... it seems like every woman has a natural birth with gas and is able to labor however she likes. I do think they are a little too pushy about not needing epidurals/pain meds, not every woman can take natural childbirth and shouldn't be treated like she's weak or a wussy for wanting something for the pain.
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    I'm not sure exactly since I haven't seen the show. But with my son I was able to labor in a jetted tub and on a exercise ball for awhile before he was born. My daughter came too quickly so I just got into bed and didn't get out again until she was born. The hospital where I gave birth had very nice homey birthing rooms not some sterile type thing and I know of a birthing center that isn't too far away from me. I also didn't have an epidural nor did I feel any pressure to have one. I did use a midwife so that may have been part of the reason I didn't feel pressured.
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