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    Beatrice Boman is a little too much for me, personally. I like the suggestion of Elsa Beatrice Boman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noora View Post
    I think alliteration needs to be judged on a case by case basis and is definitely not a deal breaker. Sometimes it doesnt work, but other times it flows wells and gives a name a special charm. Beatrice Boman sounds lovely to me.
    I agree with this. Beatrice Boman is perfectly nice IMO.

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    It all depends on the names, alliteration can be lovely, and Beatrice Boman is really cute. It seems you and I have very similar taste, and all the names on your list are on mine as well. I adore Jocelyn and Imogen. They just feel so classy to me, and age so well. I dont really think you can go wrong with any of your name choices.
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    Beatrice Beatty would be too much. Beatrice Boman is fine because they have different sounds and syllables. I'm not usually a fan of alliteration but this is pretty. Although I like the names themselves, I actually don't think Imogen Boman or Jocelyn Boman are ideal as they both share an "n" ending with your surname. Elsa Boman would be pretty too but I still think Beatrice Boman is a winner!
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    Sometimes alliteration doesn't work but in this case it certainly does. I find Beatrice Boman a cute and classy name, but if it really bothers you the suggestion Elsa Beatrice Boman is also quite lovely.

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