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    Wowie, fantastic list! Many of my favourites are on there!

    I love Cecily, Matilda and Susanna the absolute most, but Cordelia, Hazel and Rosemary are gorgeous too! (As are all the others, to be honest!)
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    I love Matilda and Ramona. And they both go so well with Oscar!
    Matilda and Oscar
    Ramona and Oscar

    So so so adorable! I love Ramona but a friend of mine has totally claimed it.

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    I love:

    Love your choices!! Allegra reminds me of the medication as well so im not so much liking it!

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    I really love Rosemary!
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    first thoughts upon hearing each name:
    Allegra - allergy medicine. unless you're Italian and have an Italian surname, maybe avoid using this one.
    Anwen - sounds like it came from Lord of the Rings.
    Cecily - pretty, but sounds like my dad's secretary. maybe Cecelia is a more modern alternative.
    Cordelia - another one that sounds a little too old for these days.
    Dahlia - flower name, sounds stuffy.
    Hazel - pretty, exotic name.
    Iris - another flower name, but less stuffy/more bearable than Dahlia.
    Isadora - pretty, not heard much, but maybe not as original with Isabel/Isabella becoming so popular?
    Matilda - quirky and cute.
    Ramona - love! very quirky and probably never going out of style. works for a person of all ages.
    Rosemary - just makes me think of the herb. is also better suited to older generations.
    Susanna - very delicate name, not heard often but pleasantly surprising when you do. lends itself to some great nicknames, too.
    Zinnia - maybe even stuffier than Dahlia.

    so I guess my favorites would be:

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