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    Which do you prefer?

    Hello :-) I'm really stuck on what to call my first daughter, so I was wondering if you could give me your favorite out of these 3 names? I would be really grateful! Also, I'm a fan of more than one middle name so if you can think of anymore, that would be great also!

    Aurora Belle- I love this name. I'm a massive disney fan, and Princess Aurora and Princess Belle are my favourites!

    Scarlett Hollie- I like the way that Scarlett rolls of my tongue, and Hollie is my best friend.

    Elizabeth Anna- Ever since I was little I have been a massive fan of Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth I, plus my other best friend is called Anna.

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    I really like Aurora Belle and Elizabeth Anna. Scarlett Hollie is okay but feels almost prematurely dated.

    I also think Aurora Belle could be too much Disney in one name (and I practically live in Disneyland, so I wouldn't use the phrase "too much Disney" unless I really thought so!) Maybe Aurora Hollie or Aurora Scarlett instead?

    Combos with multiple middles:

    Elizabeth Anna Scarlett
    Aurora Hollie Anna
    Elizabeth Aurora Belle
    Aurora Hollie Belle
    Scarlett Elizabeth Anna
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    Aurora Belle is gorgeous but I prefer Scarlett Hollie.
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    Personally, I would rather be named after strong women in history than Disney characters, so I vote for Elizabeth Anna.
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    Aurora Belle is pretty but too Disney Princess for my tastes. They're both lovely names, I just wouldn't use them together. Scarlett is ok, I understand the appeal, I'm just not crazy about it. I prefer Hollie spelled Holly. Scarlett Belle would also be nice or Scarlett Aurora. My favorite from your list is Elizabeth Anna, two gorgeous classics steeped in history and literature and have meaningful namesakes for you. I completely agree w/ PP that I would rather be named after strong historical figures than fictional Disney characters
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