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    wich names do you like?

    i'm looking for names and i want to know wich names do you like?

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    Wanted to add that for girls I also like : Juliet, Dawn, Summer, Serena, Margot, Isolde, Maya, Celeste, Mireille, Claudia, Iris, Diana, Gloria, Keira and Agnes.

    For boys I also like Rex, Adam, David, Oscar, Grant, Hamish, Harrison, Isaac, Indiana, Leo, Keiran and Jack.

    As soon as I leave this thread, I'll probably remember more. LOL, it can be hard to remember sometimes when you have such a long list.

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    Oh this is fun! I'll stick to my top 10 of each.
    Girls: Paloma, Isadora, Vivienne, Marietta, Christiana, Marjorie, Honora, Seraphina, Helena, and Delphine

    Boys: Cyril, Alban, Max, August, Pax, Lachlan, Lucien, Abraham, Levi, and Percival.

    I would actually use very few of these because a) my husband would veto them and b) We have some religious and cultural restrictions on names.

    Good luck!

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