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    Boys name from Jeanette??

    Hubby's grandmother is close to passing away. I thought it would be nice to try and incorporate her name as a middle name for our son. Her name is Jeanette. Any ideas?? Jett is all I can come up with...

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    Jeannette comes from Jean, which is a feminization of John. You could just use any of the John variants. There are tons.

    etc. (Jeannette is a diminutive of Jeanne.) From there, click John, and choose a version you like, maybe even 'just' John.
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    the possibilities are endless, favs in bold.

    From Nameberry's John page:

    "Jack, Jackie, Jahn, Jaxon, Jhan, Jhon, Jian, Jianni, Jock, Joen, Johan, Johne, Johnee, Johnie, Johnnie, Johnny, Johnson, Johon, Jon, Jones, Jonni, Jonnie, Jonny, Jonté, Jovanney, Jovanni, Jovonni, Juwan

    The international versions of John are perennial classics in their own cultures: the French Jean, the Irish Sean, the Scottish Ian, the Welsh Evan and Ewan, the Italian Giovanni, the Spanish Juan, the German Johann/Johannes, the Slavic Jan, the Russian Ivan, and on and on."

    Jet isnt a bad smoosh of Jeanette, for some reason when i scramble it up i somehow see Etienne - a french Stephen, but it makes me think of Ethan which has a few various international spellings of its own that mix up its sounds.

    ps could always try her middle name or the first and middle together for more inspiration or even her last or maiden name.

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    Would John Bennett work as a suggestion?
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