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    Elle Genesis (blue eyes, blonde hair)
    Miller Evan (brown eyes, brown hair)

    Avery Dallas 15 (blue eyes, blonde hair)
    Emma Allison 14 (brown eyes, blonde hair)
    Trenton Kale 12 (dark brown eyes, brown hair) "Trey"
    Landon Miles 10 (blue eyes, brown hair)
    Aiden Gray 9 (brown eyes, light brown hair)
    Hallie Anayla & Cadence Ireland 7 "Cadi" (light brown eyes, brown hair) (identical)
    Lydia Avalon 4 (blue eyes, blonde hair) "Lydi"
    Alexandra Colby 2 (blue eyes, light brown hair) "Lexi"
    Bennett Dylan (blue eyes, blonde hair) "Ben"

    Miller & Elle w/ Avery, Emma, Trey, Landon, Aidan, Hallie, Cadi, Lydi, Lexi, Ben

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    Dec 2011
    Last name: Gamble

    DH: Mark Tyson
    DW: Avalon Sabrina

    DD1: Alexandra Darcy 18
    DD2: Celeste Isobel 16
    DS1: David Michael 14
    DS2: Jonathan Miles 12
    DS3: Hunter James 10
    DD3/DD4: Lydia Ellen & Sofia Evrose 8
    DD5: Laken Ivory 6
    DD6: Elisabeth Allison 4
    DS4: Ayden Gilbert 2

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    DH: Bennett Warren Harper - brown eyes, brown hair
    DW: Lydia Ellen Harper - blue eyes, blonde hair

    -Jocelyn Audrey Harper|Brown hair, brown eyes, age 14
    -Avalon Elle Harper| Blonde hair, blue eyes, age 12
    -Jensen Gray Harper| Brown hair, blue eyes, age 11
    -Holden Bennett Harper| Brown hair, brown eyes, age 9
    -Landon Huxley Harper| Blonde hair, brown eyes, age 8
    -Everly Cadence Harper & Emma Rhiannon Harper| Identical, blonde hair, blue eyes, age 5
    -Delaney Skye Harper| blonde hair, blue eyes, age 4
    -Isobel Eve Harper| blonde hair, blue eyes, age 2
    -Penn Jonathan Harper| brown hair, brown eyes, age 2 weeks

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    Jan 2014
    Last name: Gamble

    DH: Trenton Michael
    DW: Allison Dorothy

    DD1: Sable Rain (15)
    DD2: Darby Fawn (13)
    DS1: Pilot Jensen (11)
    DS2: Declan Penn (10)
    DS3: Gray Henley (7)
    DD3/DD4: Delaney Electra and Halle Anaya (6)
    DD5: Valley Celeste (4)
    DD6: Ireland Godiva (2)
    DS4: Rider Hartley (8 months)

    Vote on my list!

    Quote Originally Posted by William Shakespeare
    What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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    LN: Hall

    DH: Emmett Warren
    Black hair and blue eyes
    DW: Audrey Isobel
    Red hair and green eyes

    DD (15): Florence Matilda
    Black hair and green eyes

    DD (14): Willow Bianca
    Brown hair and blue eyes

    DS (12): Ronan Evander
    Red hair and green eyes

    DS (10): Cormac Aurelius
    Red hair and blue eyes

    DS (9): Penn David
    Black hair and blue eyes

    DD/DD (7): Olive Jessamine & Celeste Rosalie
    Identical red hair and green eyes

    DD (4): Ellen Olympia
    Brown hair and hazel eyes

    DD (2): Daphne Cressida
    Black hair and blue eyes

    DS (infant): Miles Declan
    Brown hair and green eyes

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