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    Sapphire Square Gated-Community Round 1

    50 families in the Sapphire Square Gated-Community.

    Round 1
    is the first 5 households.

    All Names at Bottom. For First, Middle and Last Names.

    Household 1: Single Mother

    Mom Age: 36 (High School Science Teacher)

    Number of Kids: Roll 6 Sided Die.

    For Genders: Odd-Boy Even-Girl

    Kids Age: roll 12 sided die 12=infant

    Pets: None

    Household 2: Engaged Couple

    Him: 41 (doctor)

    Her: 41 (lawyer)

    No Kids

    Pets: 2 dogs (one small, one big) and 1 cat

    Household 3: Same Sex Couple

    Him 1: 32 (grocery store manager)

    Him 2: 35 (school bus driver)

    Kids: 3 Adopted Siblings

    Gender: Odd-Male Even-Female

    Age: Roll 10 sided die for each (10=infant)

    Pets: 1 Horse (kept of site)

    Household 4: Widow --husband killed at war--

    Widow {female}: Age 53 (disabled veteran advocate)

    Kids: Roll 8 sided die

    Gender: Odd-Male Even-Female

    Age: Roll 20 sided die and add 10 to roll

    Pets: None

    Household 5: Married Same Sex Couple

    Him 1: Age 37 (geologist)

    Him 2: Age 36 (news reporter)

    Kids: None

    Pets: 1 Parrot, 1 Medium Size Dog, 1 Large Size Dog & 1 Fish

    All People First and Middle Names
    1. Ends with -son
    2. (random name for correct gender)
    3. Boys:
    Girls: Name Usually Heard on Boys
    4. 2 Syllables Long
    5. (literature, hillbilly, russian and iranian)
    8. ends with -r
    9. Boys:
    Girls: Contains a T and G
    10. Boys: Ends with X
    Girls: Ramona, Erica, Ember, Artemis, Luna, Evie, Arrietty, Red, Ryan, Raven, Dakota, Laurel, Juniper, Devon, Blaise, Cassandra, Lark, Johanna, Morgana, Cass, Cyrenna, Sloane, Aeryn, Phoebe, Calliope
    11. Starts with W
    13. Ends with Y
    15. Starts with K
    17. Ends with Lee, Ley or Lie
    18. Contains an L and H
    19. Boys:
    20. Boys:

    Roll for Last Names
    2. (feminine, basque, english, ancient celtic, ancient germanic and italian)
    4. (last name of a person named Quincy)
    6. Contains a G and S
    9. Contains an L and E
    10. Contains an M and Z

    Roll for Pet Names
    1. (only this page)
    4. (male or female your choice)
    6. (first or last name)
    7. Blake, Lively, Adaline, Bowman, Michiel, Huisman, Ellis, Jones, Harrison, Ford, William, Ellen, Burstyn, Flemming, Kathy, Baker, Amanda, Crew, Kikki, Lynda, Boyd, Regan, Hugh, Ross, Narrator, Richard, Harmon, Tony, Fulvio, Cecere, Cab, Driver, Anjali, Jay, Cora, Hiro, Kanagawa, Kenneth, Peter, Gray, Clarence, James, Prescott, Izabel, Pearce, Cate, Richardson, Bodhi, Catherine, Brea
    8. (both genders, 5, first name either first or last name)
    10. (random, random name and change one letter)

    Round 2 coming Soon

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    Household 1: Single Mother
    Mom: Alantra Lyndsey Kassy (36) (High School Science Teacher)
    -DD: Aleisha Olivette "Ali" Kassy (9)
    -DS: River Xavier Kassy (5)
    -Pets: None

    Household 2: Engaged Couple
    Him: Ashley Monty Butler (41) (Doctor)
    Her: Chevy Sarah Rulin (41) (Lawyer)
    -No kids
    -DBigDog (Male): Max
    -DSmallDog (Female): Kathy
    -DCat (Male): Howe

    Household 3: Same-Sex Couple
    Him 1: Jonty William Csizmadia (32) (Grocery Store Manager)
    Him 2: Archer Ilari Peyton (35) (School Bus Driver)
    -DAD: Charlie Kelli Peyton-Csizmadia (8)
    -DAD: Heather Madison Peyton-Csizmadia (6)
    -DAD: Infinity Winter Peyton-Csizmadia (3)
    -DHorse (Female) (Kept off site): Chantrey

    Household 4: Widow --husband killed in war--
    Widow (female): Gabrielle Catrina "Gabby" (Annable) Dubhghlas (53) (Disabled Veteran Advocate)
    -DS: Abraham Clinton "Abe" Dubhghlas (25)
    -DS/DD: Grayson Yancey Dubhghlas/Nineke Logan Dubhghlas (Gray and Nina) (21)
    -DD: Alice Winnie Dubhghlas (18)
    -DS: Sam Harley Dubhghlas (15)
    -DS: Arthur Rodger "Artie" Dubhghlas (11)
    -Pets: None

    Household 5: Married Same-Sex Couple
    Him 1: Caden Yu Sensenbrenner (37) (Geologist)
    Him 2: Mitchell Jacob Creskoff (36) (News Reporter)
    -Kids: None
    -DParrot (Female): Fatima
    -DMediumDog (Female): Shemeka
    -DLargeDog (Female): Deandra
    -DFish (Male): Washington

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    Household 1: The Brooks Family
    DW (36; high school science teacher): Emily Heleen Brooks

    DS (10): Felix Riley Brooks
    DD (6): Gabrielle Kylie Brooks
    DS (nb): Jason Royce Brooks
    [I]Emily has Felix, Gabby, & Jason[/B]

    Household 2: The Morris Family
    DH (41; doctor): Samson Carter Morris
    DF (41; lawyer; nee Gomes): Blair Ramona Morris

    Yorkshire Terrier: Odell "Odie"
    German Shepherd: Fozzy
    Cat: Zera
    Sam & Blair have Odie, Fozzy, & Zera

    Household 3: The Boyd-Owen Family
    DH (32; grocery store manager): Henry Mason Boyd
    DH (35; school bus driver): Nicolaas Alex Owen "Nick"

    ADD (6): Delaney Addison Boyd-Owen
    ADS (3): Kale Patrick Boyd-Owen
    ADS (3 month): Alexander Jack Boyd-Owen "Alec"

    Horse: Phoenix
    Henry & Nick have Delaney, Kale, Alec, & Phoenix

    Household 4: The Lewis Family
    DW (53; disabled veteran advocate): Katherine Johanna Lewis "Katie"
    DH (deceased): Jason Riley Lewis

    DS (27): Gregory Zeus Lewis "Greg"
    DD (24): Eleanor James Lewis "Ellie"
    DS (21): Kyle Harley Lewis
    DD (18): Grace Lucy Lewis
    DS (16): Bryce Riley Lewis
    Katie has Greg, Ellie Kyle, Grace, & Bryce, Jason

    Household 5: The Franks-Palmer Family
    DH (37; geologist): Viktor Kolin Franks
    DH (36; news reporter): Grant Nikolai Palmer

    Parrot: Rosie
    Basset Hound: Summer
    Black Lab: Sallie
    Fish: Colin
    Viktor & Grant have Rosie, Summer, Sallie, & Colin
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), and Everett William & Nora Elizabeth (12/29/15).

    Wesley James, Samuel Edward, Landon Jace, Declan Levi, Blaise Elliot, Elias John, Everett William, Tobias Benjamin, Dominic Eli
    Faith Elizabeth, Clara Rose, Elena Harper, Maisie Eloise, Margo Elizabeth, Nora Cadence, Lydia Diane, Aurora Blair, Amelia Rose

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    Household 1: Single Mother
    Mom: Evan Leah Maguire (36) (High School Science Teacher)
    -DD: Teagan Willow Maguire (10)
    (The Maguire Family: Evan & Teagan)

    Household 2: Engaged Couple
    Him: Jackson Knox Zeilman (41) (Doctor)
    Her: Rosalynn Cassandra McClintock (41) (Lawyer)
    -Dog: Sylvia
    -Dog: Gaige
    -Cat: Jude
    (The Zeilman Family: Jackson & Rosalynn, their dogs Sylvia & Gaige, and their cat Jude)

    Household 3: Same Sex Couple
    Him: Jameson Lincoln Solberg (32) (Grocery Store Manager)
    Him: Alexander William Gibson (35) (School Bus Driver)
    -DS: Benjamin James Solberg-Gibson (9)
    -DS: Maddox Daniel Solberg-Gibson (3)
    -DD: Eliza Alison Solberg-Gibson (1)
    -Horse: Rosie
    (The Solberg-Gibson Family: Jameson, Alexander, Benjamin, Maddox, & Eliza, and their horse Rosie)

    Household 4: Widow --husband killed at war--
    Widow: Ciela Winifred Gerst (53) (Disabled Veteran Advocate)
    -DS: Bennett Jason Gerst (28)
    -DD: Amberly Kay Gerst (27)
    -DD: Katrijn Portia Gerst (23)
    -DD: Ella Halle Gerst (18)
    -DS: Lennox Archer Gerst (15)
    (The Gerst Family: Ciela, Bennett, Amberly, Katrijn, Ella, & Lennox)

    Household 5: Married Same Sex Couple
    Him: Grant Riley Graves (37) (Geologist)
    Him: Owen Arnout Kimble (36) (News Reporter)
    -Parrot: Yvonne
    -Dog: Hudson
    -Dog: Phoenix
    -Fish: Gael
    (The Graves-Kimble Family: Grant & Owen, their parrott Yvonne, their dogs Hudson & Phoenix, and their fish Gael)

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    The Johnson Family
    DMother: Wilhelmina Kelsey (36, high school science teacher)

    DS: Silas Jeremiah (10)
    DS: Owen Patrick (6)
    DD: Ramona Jeanette (4)
    DS: Wyatt Theodore (1)
    Silas, Owen, Ramona, Wyatt

    The Engaged Couple
    DFiance: Dennis Jebediah Fulton (41, doctor)
    DFiancee: Laura Elspeth Morillo (41, lawyer)

    Dogs: Jacob & Duke
    Cat: Misty

    The Vaughan-Powell Family
    DH: Marcus Bennett Vaughan (32, grocery store manager)
    DH: Jonathon Lewis Powell (35, school bus driver)

    DD: Louise Bethany (8)
    DS: Isaac Grady (5)
    DD: Erica Renee (2)
    Horse: Camilla
    Louise, Isaac, Erica

    The Talbot Family
    DH: Truman Elijah (33, deceased)
    DW: Gabriella Marie Calhoun (53, disabled veteran advocate)

    DS: Henry Jameson (34)
    DD/DS: Lisa Georgette & Michael Donovan (31)
    DS: David Giovanni (30)
    DD: Marsha Natalia (28)
    Henry, Lisa, Michael, David, Marsha

    The Abbott-Simmons Family
    DH: Ethan Richard Abbott (37, geologist)
    DH: Caleb Malachi Simmons (36, news reporter)

    Parrot: Tippi
    Dogs: Duke & Amanda
    Fish: Gretel

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