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    I really like Salome and Priscilla. I know Salome's story is negative, but the scandalous-in-its-time Oscar Wilde play about it is sooooo pretty, (as is the name itself!)

    As for the original pronunciation of Eunice: if it's Greek (which it is) ask dantea. It's her thing.
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    Junia is the name chosen by one of my favorite band's for the drummer's daughter. Perhaps it just sound more approachable because it's familiar, but it sticks out on top for me

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    Jerusha This one sounds really odd to me I imagine a child would be teased like crazy for this name!
    Junia Pretty, but people who aren't aware of the biblical connection might think you just changed June to make it unique.
    Keren I know 2 girls named this, I think it's very pretty but they always get called Karen and they both hate it!
    Vashti is it pronounced vash-ti? It sounds very Indian to me so I can't imagine it on someone who isn't Indian.
    Priscilla Love! I think it's very pretty and classy except people may think of prissy when they first hear it.
    Tamar Sounds too masculine for my tastes.
    Salome I like this one it's cool and unique but I can't think of any good nicknames for it.
    Eunice I don't like this one really it sounds outdated and unappealing.
    Just a 15 year old name lover.

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    I like Junia or Priscilla.
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