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    I love Salome!

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    I absolutely adore Junia, it's a favorite of mine.

    I've always had a soft spot for Mehetabel, but it's a name only someone very brave could use!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jesba View Post
    Junia! I might add Talitha. Not technically a name, but treated somewhat as such by the culture and even you could argue by the Bible.
    jesba tell me more about Talitha. I for one just love this name, so what do you mean it is not technically a name etc etc. I am very interested to find out.

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    My favorite is Junia.

    Saloma is nice variation of Salome. Salome has always sounded like salami to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    Hi Rollo, hope your recovery is going well! I've bolded my faves.

    Jerusha - I like this name but I'm afraid she may get Jerry as a nn.
    Junia - I love this one. June would be a lovely nn.
    Keren - too much like Karen which I find "dated".
    Vashti - an exotic choice
    Priscilla - a little too prissy for my taste
    Tamar - reminds me of a lion tamer!
    Salome - I like it but it comes with so much baggage. Dancing for John the Baptist's head isn't a good association.There was a saint with this name so I'll use that connection.
    Eunice - I'm warming to this name - I'm getting there...ok, I'll bold it!
    Hi mischa I am very happy with my progress, each week I gain a little more stamina and people are saying that I look well now.

    I have been told that the correct pronunciation for 'Eunice (you niss) is yoo knee chee. Can anyone verify that?

    I agree Vashti is exotic and rather out there but lovely

    Psalm 23

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