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Thread: Aliza?

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    Thank you so much for your replies! You know sometimes you just need to be sure there isn't something you're missing or overlooking. This helps.

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    I have been looking at middle names lately too beginning with A to continue a trend in my husband's family. I stumbled on Aliza, and I like it with certain names I have picked out. I would also pronounce it like Eliza and tell people to do the same. I liked it that way before I knew it was Hebrew and stood on its own because it would be similar to my daughters middle name. I also green with pp that everyone won't know her middle name, and it's not a big deal. Pronounce it how you want and use it if you like it!
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    I think people will assume that you're trying to be "creative" by spelling Eliza incorrectly. I'm a teacher and I loathe creative spelling. I know it's a stand alone name but most people won't think that it is. (I shutter every time I have a Alyvia or Justyn because of what I fear the parents will be like.)

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    For a first name, I would have said no to Aliza. But, because it would be in the middle name spot, I think it would be perfectly fine. Its a pretty name too!
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    Aliza is a common name in Jewish communities, pronounced Ah-lee-zah. I love it, but if you want it said as Eliza, spell it as Eliza.

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