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Thread: Aliza?

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    We're looking at middle names at the moment for our baby due next month. If it's a girl, I really want a middle name that starts with A, since both my and my daughter's mn's begin with A. Aliza appeals, it's Hebrew, means joyful, and fits with our first name choices... but will people just assume it's a creative or wrong spelling of Eliza? It is a separate stand alone name, and will it even matter as it would be in the middle spot?
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    1st question: I don't think it will matter as a middle name.

    2nd question: I am a teacher, and I have taught an Alivia, an Alizabeth, and an Alijah. So yes, I would imagine it a phonetic/offbeat spelling of "Eliza" without knowing the context.
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    Aliza is cute! Most people wont even know her middle name so i dont think it really matters if a few people think its a creative spelling. If you love it, use it.
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    I think Aliza is a pretty choice!

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    I like Aliza but I always have to remind myself that it's pronounced "ah-LEE-zah" not "ah-LIE-zah". You may also like other Hebrew names like Aviva, Abira, Adira, Adina, Adriel, Ariel, Afra, Atara, Atira, Ayla, Amira, Ardith, Ayelet, Ashira and Adah.
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