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    Middle name for Diana

    Hi All,

    I searched and found a previous thread for this topic, but I really didn't dig on the middle names that had been suggested.

    SO rather than resurrect that thread, I thought I'd start a new one with my last name so people can help us find some different middle names that work with the first name Diana.

    Some ideas we've had but aren't necessarily taken by are:

    Diana Grace
    Diana Kathleen (my mother's name, although she goes by a different one)
    Diana Eleanor
    Diana Margot
    Diana Sabine
    Diana Evangeline

    Our daughter is named Charlotte Rose. Our last name is Reynolds.


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    Yaaaay someone using Diana! It's absolutely wonderful. Reminds me of stars in the sky somehow. Therefore,
    Diana Sky.
    The one I know is Diana Pauline, which is nice, if kind of dated.
    Of yours, I like Diana Margot best.
    Diana Claire
    Diana Callista
    Diana Eliane
    Diana Clarisse
    Diana Artemis - they're the same goddess
    Diana Laurel
    Diana Alia
    Diana Layne
    Diana Raine
    Diana Elisabeth
    Diana Beth
    Diana Jasmine
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    These stand out to me:
    Diana Margot
    Diana Sabine
    Diana Evangeline

    I love the name Diana, but I do think it needs to be paired with something very 2013 to feel modern.
    Diana Wren
    Diana Seraphina
    Diana Phoebe
    Diana Penelope
    Diana Violet
    Diana Vivienne

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    Thank you all for the suggestions so far. Some of these combos are combos I wouldn't have thought of myself and I'll run them by my hubby to see what he thinks.

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