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    I like Philip or Caleb best with your last name…. Aaron and Ian have too much -en sounds with Allen for me.

    I like Caleb Raleigh, but I agree with leahmarie and others that the best is Philip Briggs. It has such a brogue-ish, attractive sound.

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy!!
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    My favorite was Ian Briggs

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    Hello again!

    Well, it took us longer than I ever would have imagined, but we finally decided on.... Ian Briggs. Though Philip Briggs or Raleigh were perhaps the best combos phonetically, DH disliked the nicknames for Philip so much that we had to mark that one off, and then it was down to Caleb and Ian. The little guy just didn't seem to be a Caleb (somehow we both pictured a super tough mountain man type, and the little one has a gentle spirit), so Ian it was. DH was not disappointed; Ian is one of his favorite names, and we love the meaning "God is gracious." I'm conscious of the -en, -en ending, but OK with it.

    Thank you all again so much! It was terrific to bounce things off a wonderful group of name connoisseurs.
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    I love the name Ian Briggs! Congrats on you new little boy and his new little name.

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