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    I prefer Phillip Raleigh Allen. I love the name Raleigh (it was the name of a little boy I was friends with growing up). I think Ian and Aaron share the _n sound with Allen and it doesn't flow as well as Phillip and Caleb. And between those two, I prefer Phillip as it has a more classic sound to it.

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    With Allen as a surname, I would eliminate names that end in "n" (Ian and Aaron). Caleb and Philip remain. Caleb is a good fit with Biblical siblings named Joshua and Abigail but I don't like the similarity between Abigail and Caleb. I think Philip (which is also a Biblical name) is the best choice. My choice would be Philip Raleigh.
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    Another vote for Philip Raleigh! Love the flow and the quirky but meaningful middle name. And Phillip's nicknames are great: Pip, Flip, even Phil/Philly. I also always think when these questions come up, subconsciously the first one listed is the poster's favorite

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    Thank you, dear Berries! This is SO, so helpful. I really appreciate all the time you've taken and your wonderful thoughts. Will read through all your replies with my DH. Interestingly, Ian Phillip hit me this morning, too. Another combo for consideration. We'll let you know what we end up choosing, but until then, are definitely still open to new thoughts and suggestions and grateful for them.

    Katemcnamelover, Philip Raleigh was the name most on my heart during the entire pregnancy, and even before it. It's just that unlike you, DH doesn't like the Philip nicknames at ALL - so much that he'd almost rather choose something else.

    By the way, how would Philip best be spelled with a last name sporting double Ls? Would the symmetry of Phillip Allen be preferable to Philip Allen, or is it too matchy? I like the more European/less common single L spelling, but it's also important that the visual flows well too. Of course Raleigh would add a single L to the middle regardless.

    And then there is Briggs. Sigh. How about three names? (Say, if William and Kate can do it....) Kidding; do feel we should stick with two.

    Think we must have a name by Wednesday, so one way or other the sweet boy will have one. Until it's finalized, I've been calling him almost every endearment in the book
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    I like Caleb the most with Joshua and Abigail.

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