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    Question Baby boy is here - still stuck on names!

    We've always taken a little extra time after the birth of our kids to make sure the names chosen were really and truly the right ones, but for some reason this one has been extra challenging - maybe because we incorrectly thought he was a girl and had that name buttoned down. Oops! (Delighted to have a boy, though.)

    Last/surname is Allen and siblings are Joshua Michael and Abigail Ann (both middle names are family names)

    Here are some possibilities:

    Philip Raleigh (again, Raleigh is a family name)
    Caleb Briggs (same with Briggs - my dad went by this, though it was his MN, as he was a Jr.)
    Aaron Briggs, Aaron Woodrow
    Ian Briggs (husband especially likes, but is Ian Allen too much like "Ethan Allen?")

    Also open to other possibilities and combinations. Thank you, Berries!

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