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    Caleb Briggs is a wonderful name. It goes well with your sibset, and last name. Ian and Aaron are too much with the last name, though they are nice with the middle name. Philip Briggs is nice too (i know it wasn't one of the combos you listed, but i REALLY like Briggs, esp since it's a family name).
    My choices would be in this order
    Caleb Briggs, Philip Briggs, Caleb Raleigh.
    Good luck!

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    Philip Raleigh - love both names, great flow
    Caleb Briggs - prefer Philip, Briggs is okay im not a huge fan of using family names that are too close like that of grandparents. feel like a generation or two need to go by to give the names a rest
    Aaron Briggs, Aaron Woodrow - Aaron & Abigial? no
    Ian Briggs - even if not especially like Ethan Allen, Ian Allen just sounds to similar and sing-songy

    Joshua Michael, Abigail Ann, & Philip Raleigh

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    I like Aaron Briggs the best.

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    I love the suggestion of Philip Briggs Allen!

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    I like Caleb or Aaron best with Joshua and Abigail. I prefer Caleb Raleigh to Caleb Briggs since the back to back bs kind of run together.
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