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    1. I think BOT is ok. Honestly, how often are full initials even used for anything? Yes of course you want to avoid something like A.S.S. or S.T.D., but I think B.O.T. is ok. Blair Oberon is a cool name. I like Oberon better than Auberon, but I do like the AI-AU pairing with BlAIr AUberon. But I actually prefer B.O.T. to B.A.T. B.O.T. looks like an author's initials. Blair O. Txxxx. O is a good middle initial.

    2. Cyrus Mortimer or Cyrus Ferdinand are my picks.
    Cyrus Sebastian--to ess-y
    Cyrus Augustine--too ancient
    Cyrus Emerson--clashing name images (ancient/trendy, at least to my mind--I know Emerson isn't new as surname but as a given name it feels trendy)
    Cyrus Indigo--don't really like Indigo that much
    Cyrus Abraham--this one is ok, but I think Mortimer and Ferdinand have more cool factor.
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    1) BOT is okay. It may have other connotations such as Book of Time and things that will mean something to someone but I know of nothing offensive.


    Cyrus Mortimer – I don’t care for this. the name Mortimer is affiliated with an old Edger Bergen dummy character who was slow-witted so it has a poor connotation to me. CMT

    Cyrus Ferdinand – I think of the little dancing bull or Ferdinand Marcos the corrupt leader of the Philippines. CFT

    Cyrus Sebastian – nice although the last name would make a difference with the multiple S sounds but if it is t you're good. SST

    Cyrus Augustine – Very emperor-like, CAT

    Cyrus EmersonI love this. It’s classy without sounding pretentious. It has a touch of the old fashion without being too trendy. My favorite. CET

    Cyrus Indigo – This Is nice, kinda whimsical. CIT

    Cyrus Abraham – Nice and solid. CAT

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    iamamiam: Thank you. I like Indigo for either gender, but right now I am loving it more for a boy.

    lilysong: Robots aren't bad, so that's good! Thanks!

    alliecat: I'm glad to hear that about robots, I hadn't even thought of it, but a boy would probably like it, yes. I can't help but notice you have Sansa in your signature. Out of curiosity, do you have a specific MN pair for that one?

    thatkathryngirl: That would be the hope. Thank you for chiming in!

    capturedcastle: Glad you like Blair Oberon. I think I have to agree with your thoughts on Emerson, Sebastian, and Augustine. I really like those three names, but they don't work as much as some of the other MN's on my shortlist.

    red_shoes: I think Edger Bergen may have been a little before my time? Is that Mortimer from a movie or a show? My last name begins with T but it does has an S in it, so it may be borderline too much S to have all three names that way.
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    I agree with the others--I can only think of bot, as in robot. I would be more concerned with B.O. for body odor...

    As for Cyrus, I'm really loving Cyrus Ferdinand! Very cool. I would love Cyrus Inigo, if that had been an option instead of Cyrus Indigo. (What can I say? I love The Princess Bride!)
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    I love Princess Bride too. So tempted by Inigo, haha. Or Westley. If only Wesley wasn't so darned popular!
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