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Thread: June for a boy

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    I Prefur Dune or Jun.
    June is one of those names that's gaining in popularity and is not knowen as a unisex name. people reading his name will assume girl, so getting refured to as she, miss, ms, mrs is a real possibility.
    How about March?

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    I just remembered -- the boy protagonist in the Spy Kids was called Junie!
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    I like the idea a lot!
    I can see a Junior being called June, but I actually would love to see it as the actual first name on a boy!
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    I don't know whether I like June for a boy or not, but I do know that I like both Junius and Junot. Good luck!
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    I personally like it.

    I sort of measure unisex names by a little system.

    1. Are there *full names that rhyme?
    So like you said there's Dune, and there's also Boone, and Rune. So why not June?
    *(Zoe and Chloe for example, do not work, as Joey is only a nickname.)

    2. Is it very popular for only one gender?
    Avery and Noah may work for both genders, but they are very popular and almost solely used for only girl and boy. June is not extremely widely used as a girls name as of late, so I think it's fine.
    (This rule is very subjective, and should not be used as a definitive decision maker)

    3. Just focusing on the sound alone, how do I feel about it?
    Does it sound feminine, masculine, or neither?

    4. Origin of the Name
    Months, surnames, and seasons don't have genders. This rule is moot though if it conflicts with another one. (Example April and Summer are too popular as girl names, August and Parker likewise as boy names).

    5. Ask someone impartial
    Yes people on nameberry count, but I'd also try asking someone else, as I think the opinions of people here are skewed, in a more creative, grey area, daring type of way

    These obviously don't always work though. Its just sort of a guideline I try to follow. Let's face it, the whole boy name/girl name thing is totally nonsense, and doesn't actually have any rhyme or reason to it, but it is how it is sometimes.
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