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Thread: June for a boy

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    I knew some guys named Junius (father/son). You could call him Jun as a nn. That 'e' ending in June makes it too feminine.

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    Theoretically it wouldn't work. June is a month name afterall.

    1) the month June was named after the Roman GODESS Juno. (July was named after Julius Cesare so many July would be better? Though I guess people would read it as Julie).

    2) It is a fairly popular female name in most English speaking countries. (IT was the the top US 500 the last two years and has been back in the top 1000 since 2008 - it also seems to be steadily rising in popularity).

    This isn't a word name like Rowan or Wren which are inherently unisex, but a name that has a long history as a girls name and girly origin. I'd probably use it for a girl or maybe as a mn for a boy.
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    I echo the suggestion of Junius - it was my great grandfathers name who went by "Junie."

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    I think it is 100% a girl's name (a very lovely girl's name). I'd much prefer Jude for a boy.

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    Great to get some positive responses. To me June sounds equally feminine on a girl and masculine on a boy, considering there is such a widely accepted trend to give girls names that traditionally belong to boys, I personally think there is nothing wrong or shameful about having a name with a female origin, women are awesome!

    I thought about Junius, after saying it a few times it sounds too close to Genius and now thats all I can think of! I did explore finding longer options to use the nn June but I didn't really warm to any. Maybe using Juno/Junot would be the way to go.

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