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Thread: Is Odin usable?

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    Is Odin usable?

    It's not on my list right now, I'm just curious. A friend linked me to a baby photo contest page the other day and I (of course) had to browse through some of the other entries to see what their names were. And I saw two different baby boys named Odin, and one Odyn. So I'm just wondering.

    Personally I think it'd be fine because:
    1) The sound of it "fits in" with the trendy names right now, since it's really only one syllable off from Aiden et al and ends with -in
    2) It has a cute nickname, Odie
    3) The namesake of the Norse god isn't something most people know a lot about, but even if they do he's a pretty badass namesake

    What's your opinion? And just for fun, what siblings would you put with Odin?
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    I go back and forth on Odin. I do really love it, but sometimes think it might just be too much. If the surname was something more 'traditional' a la Miller or Morris, I might just consider it, but with Fu, it almost sounds comical. So, its only the middle for me. I'd admire someone who used it up front though.
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    I like Odin due to it's history and namesake. I like the robust O sound with it's softer ending. I would say it's more of a hipster choice right now.

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    I'd use it.
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    I think it's perfectly usable because of all the reasons you listed. I know a little Odin, brother to Jasmine.

    I'd maybe go with a Norse theme with Odin, though nothing so obvious as Thor. Odin, Freyr, Eir, Saga...
    Or maybe just mythology in general Odin, Echo, Artemis, Loki...
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