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    Emmeline Violet is absolutely stunning
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    Alexandrina Rose "Alexa"- Pretty, but maybe a little over the top? Alexa is nice and I love Rose. I think if you use Alexandrina, you're wise to choose nice, simple, Rose to go along with it.

    -Victoria Marie "Vicky"- Victoria is a great name, but I think Vicky diminishes it. Marie is ok, but kind of filler.

    -Catherine Grace "Catie"- I love Catherine and this is a nice combo. It's a little common, compared to some of the other names on your list.

    -Patience Hannelore "Patty"- I'm going to go against the grain and say that I quite like Patience and I agree with a previous poster who said Hannelore is one of the more intriguing names on your list. I really, really, really dislike Patty, though. How do you feel about Prudence, nn Prue? Or Hannelore Patience?

    -Luciana J'Adore "Lucy"- Luciana is nice. Not my style, but it's a good name and it will age well. J'Adore, is not good. It's not really even a name. I think it comes off as either kind of silly or pretentious. What about Luciana Juliette or Luciana Jade?

    -Elizabetta Miracle "Eliza"- Elizabetta is one of my favorite names. (I also really like Isabetta) I like Eliza, but I think I prefer Betty or Betsy or Bess. Miracle is just not good. Kind of along the same lines as J'Adore. What about Elizabetta Maris or Elizabetta Nasia (God's miracle)

    -Emmeline Violet "Emmy" - This is probably your best combination. I think this is a name any girl would love to have.

    -Nicolette Andromeda "Nica"- I have a friend named Nica (although hers is short for Veronica). I see it as sort of exotic and sophisticated. Nicolette doesn't really give off that same vibe for me. I want to like Andromeda, but all I can think of is that movie, The Andromeda Strain. I'm not sure they go well together.

    -Constance Sophronia "Connie"- I really like this combo. I love both Constance and Sophronia. I think the nickname Connie sort of diminishes the beauty of Constance.

    You have some great names here, but I think that you need to work on your combos a little. I also think that you should sort of wait to see what nicknames happen naturally.
    Congratulations and good luck!
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    Alexandrina Rose- I prefer Alexandra nn Alex

    Victoria Marie- I really do not care for Vicky at all, rhymes with icky, I've know a Tori and a Tora, maybe you could use Tia

    Catherine Grace- Sorry, this is perfectly fine, just kind of bland and I grew up with soo many Katies.

    Patience Hannelore "Patty"- Sweet and spunky, and nn Patty is kind of growing on me

    Luciana J'Adore "Lucy"- I would love this with a different middle name,for example, Luciana Patience

    Elizabetta Miracle "Eliza"- I like this, Miracle is nms, but I love Eliza, I would spell it Elisabetta

    Emmeline Violet "Emmy"- this is pretty

    Nicolette Andromeda "Nica"- I prefer Nicola and nn Nico, Nicola Sophronia would be awesome

    Constance Sophronia "Connie"- I like the nn Tansy better than Connie, I think it works
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