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    Love the names, mostly don't like the nicknames.

    -Alexandrina Rose "Alexa"-i like this one, including the nn.

    -Victoria Marie "Vicky"-hate the nn vicky. "Icky Vicky" comes to mind. And Marie just isn't all that stunning.

    -Catherine Grace "Catie"-So typical. A safe choice that is on MANY other little girls.

    -Patience Hannelore "Patty"-Dont like the name Patience, nor Patty. But I LOVE Hannelore

    -Luciana J'Adore "Lucy"-ooo fancy. And lucy is wonderful as a nn. But i must say, personally i think "J'Adore" is a little much.

    -Elizabetta Miracle "Eliza"- idk why you would need Elizabetta when Eliza is perfectly strong and beautiful on it's own. And i am not really digging Miracle.

    -Emmeline Violet "Emmy"--one of my favorites! And Emmy is adorable.

    -Nicolette Andromeda "Nica"--Sounds too much like Nicorette (the patches that help you quit smoking). How about Nicola instead? And i love Andromeda! It could be a good fn with the nn Andy.

    -Constance Sophronia "Connie"-again, i don't get into the virtue names.
    sophronia is beautiful, however.
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    Emmeline Violet ,, love

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    Emmeline Violet loveit

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    You're on the right track, Dora!

    Alexandrina / Elizabetta / Emmeline / Luciana / Nicolette / Sophronia / Victoria


    Catherine / Grace / Marie / Rose

    from your list are very compatible classic names and classic-name variants.

    If the choice were mine, I'd ideally have daughters named

    Alexandrina Charlotte / Alexandrina Margaret


    Elizabetta Catherine / Elizabetta Margaret

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    Emmeline Violet is my favorite! I love this combo so much. I also like Luciana, but with without J'Adore in the middle. Luciana Rose, maybe?
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