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    Exclamation HELP!!! It's crunch time and I haven't chosen a name!!!!

    NOOOOO! I'm being induced into labor on Tuesday with baby #1. It's a little girl. I've been putting off choosing a name, BUT NOW I NEED TO CHOOSE ONE! Here's the list:

    -Alexandrina Rose "Alexa"

    -Victoria Marie "Vicky"

    -Catherine Grace "Catie"

    -Patience Hannelore "Patty"

    -Luciana J'Adore "Lucy"

    -Elizabetta Miracle "Eliza"

    -Emmeline Violet "Emmy"

    -Nicolette Andromeda "Nica"

    -Constance Sophronia "Connie"

    Every single answer is appreciated. THANKS!

    ETA: My naming style is very elaborate!
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    Alexandrina Rose "Alexa": I would really like Alexandra Rose, but Alexandrina seems like a little much.

    Victoria Marie "Vicky": I really like Victoria, but Marie feels like a filler middle.

    Catherine Grace "Catie": Also pretty, but a filler middle vibe. Catie is really cute, but she will always have to correct the spelling.

    Patience Hannelore "Patty": Don't like this one at all

    Luciana J'Adore "Lucy": I like the name Lucy, but not Luciana. J'Adore really doesn't feel like a name to me at all.

    Elizabetta Miracle "Eliza": I like Eliza. Elizabetta is just okay. I'm not a fan of Miracle.

    Emmeline Violet "Emmy": This is by far my favorite combo. I LOVE it, and Emmy is so cute!

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    To be honest, all of these names are not my style. A long name with so many frills isn't always good...Instead of Alexandrina maybe Alexa? Instead of Luciana just Lucy/Luci? And PLEASE, whatever you choose do not use J'Adore as a name, middle name, whatever.

    Hope this helps, and wishing you well.
    ~Mary Elizabeth "Liz"

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    I like Emmeline Violet the best! SO. CUTE.
    Ann Estelle

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    Emmeline Violet is a lovely combo, and it would be my choice from your list. Good luck with your little one!

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