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    I think all your names are pretty

    But specifically I like:

    Alexandrina Rose: no matter what everybody else says I really like it.
    Catherine Grace: just love the sound.
    Patience Hannelore: I think it sounds so timeless.
    Emmeline Violet: again just love the sound.
    Nicolette Andromeda: A little long but still like it and I adore the nn Nica.

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    -Alexandrina Rose "Alexa" A bit much. I like your naming style, and I would even say I share it, but it is easy to go over the top. This one does in my opinion, but I think you can pare it down if you really want to get to Alexa. Also, as many posters have said, your middle names often seem filler. You might want to experiment with them, maybe branch out a bit into fresher choices.

    -Victoria Marie "Vicky" I love Victoria and wish it had not gone through a stage just a while back of being hugely popular. It makes it seem as though it has peaked and is fading from the scene. Still a viable choice, but Vicky seems to so very '50s-'60s. And again, you might want to rethink your middle choices.

    -Catherine Grace "Catie" This is classic -- and hugely hugely hugely popular. If you don't mind that your child will always share her name with other Kates in the class and in the group, consider it. Grace is one of the better middle name choices. It is good to keep in mind that a name is much more aural/oral than written. When the name is called in class, she will indistinguishable from all the Katies, Catys, and Ceighties.

    -Patience Hannelore "Patty" Hmm. Patience is -- interesting. You don't see it much nowadays. It is an unusual classic. But for me it is also an unusually unexciting classic. Hannelore is the most intriguing name on your list. Is it a family name? You might want to consider it in the middle, no matter what first you choose.

    -Luciana J'Adore "Lucy" Don't use J'Adore. It translates to "I adore," and the teasing potential seems endless! It is also weirdly unfinished as a statement. If you like the feel of it, why not find a French name you like? Speaking of adoring, I adore Fleur in the middle. Would that work for you? In fact the French have scads of name I think would suit you in the middle or as first names. Alexandrie. Adele. Adelaide. Amelie. Anastasie. Christelle. Gabrielle. Genevieve. Margaux. Oceane. Odette. Valentine.

    -Elizabetta Miracle "Eliza" This is very nice, but I just can't get down with Miracle.

    -Emmeline Violet "Emmy" The best of the bunch! I really like this one.

    -Nicolette Andromeda "Nica" Andromeda is bit much. Nicolette makes me want to start humming, "It's going to take a lotta love..." But Nica is nice. There is probably a better path there -- how about Nicola?

    -Constance Sophronia "Connie" I like this one better than many who have responded, but as a literature lover, I remember a Constance from "She Stoops To Conquer." I think it does sound a bit solemn for our time. Connie is not at all popular -- it is the perfect '50's nn, putting it safely in grandma territory.

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    Alexandrina Rose "Alexa" -- I like this a lot, though I'd prefer Alexandria. The "n" before the final "a" makes it sound a bit clunky to my ear. Alexa is a nice nickname. I also like Lexi. If you spell it Alexandria, you can also get Andria out of it, which I think is beautiful.

    Victoria Marie "Vicky" -- I like this too, but I'm not a fan of Marie. I'm so-so on Vicky, but I'm not a fan of Tori either. I like the nickname Ria for Victoria. Also, there's Vika or Vita. Other middle name options for Victoria:

    Victoria Kate
    Victoria Paige
    Victoria Reese
    Victoria Nicole
    Victoria Celeste

    Catherine Grace "Catie" -- I prefer the "K" spelling for Katherine. Katherine Grace is beautiful. I think Catie/Katie is pretty for a child, but I don't like this name on an adult. Actually, I'd name her Katerina Grace to be a bit different (Katerina/Caterina is nowhere near as popular as Catherine/Katherine) and let her go by Cat/Kat or Rina

    Patience Hannelore "Patty" -- Not a fan

    Luciana J'Adore "Lucy" -- I prefer Lucia.

    Elizabetta Miracle "Eliza" -- Not a fan of Miracle. I don't like Eliza that much either.

    Emmeline Violet "Emmy" -- Love Emmeline, but don't like Violet.

    Nicolette Andromeda "Nica" -- I like this, though I don't know how to pronounce Andromeda

    Constance Sophronia "Connie" -- Not a fan

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    How about Elizabetta Violet? That would be my favourite! nn Lilibet would be GORGEOUS

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    You're putting way too much pressure on yourself. You don't have to have your baby named until after she's born. I'd take my top three to the hospital and pick from that, if I couldn't decide beforehand.

    My favorites:

    Alexandrina Rose
    Victoria Marie
    Catherine Grace
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