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    I love Alexandrina Rose. Its so regal, and gorgeous. I think it was the name of a princess. Its also unusual, but not unheard of. I love Alexa as a nn!

    Victoria Marie- This combo feels a little dated. Victoria is a pretty name, but I prefer the nn Tori rather than Vicky. Marie is quite filler, especially with such a common name as Victoria.

    Catherine Grace- So classic and cute. Personally Catherine isn't my most favorite name, but its elegant so I like it. Grace has always been a love of mine, so I cant find fault in either of these names.

    Patience Hannelore- Seems very GP to me. Patience , along with Temperance and Prudence are a very few vintage style names that I really don't like. Patty is very outdated, and I cant really imagine it on a young girl.

    Luciana J'adore - I love Lucy. However, im not a fan of Luciana. Other possibilities are Lucille, or Lucia. J'adore doesn't really fit imo. You have such eloquent taste, and j'adore seems very out of place.

    Elizabetta Miracle- NMS. I love the classic Elizabeth, and the Scottish Elspeth though. Eliza is very cute, and could easily be used as a stand alone name. Miracle is cute as a mn. Elspeth Miracle would be adorable.

    Emmeline Violet- Very cute. Emmeline is adorable, and you cant really go wrong with Violet. Emmy is a darling nn.

    Nicolette Andromeda- Nicolette to me reminds me of Nicorette gum, which is used to quit smoking... Andromeda is very out of place it seems with your other choices.

    Constance Sophronia- Ive never been a fan of constance. Its a very old name, and while I can easily picture on an older woman, I cant see baby Constance. Ive never heard of nor seen the name Sophronia, but at first glance it seems made up.

    Out of your list, my favorites are:
    Alexandrina Rose
    Catherine Grace
    Emmeline Violet

    Is it ok to make a few suggestions?
    Victoria Catherine
    Clementine Grace
    Victoria Elaine
    Violet Elizabeth

    Good luck, and Welcome to Nameberry!
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    LOVE Andromeda!

    I'll put them in order from favorite to least favorite:

    Nicolette Andromeda "Nica" (Nica...that is different. In a good way)
    Victoria Marie "Vicky" (Victoria is a nice classic)
    Catherine Grace "Catie" (would be my 2nd favorite if it were a little less popular)
    Luciana J'Adore "Lucy" (J'Adore is pretty cool as a mn)
    Elizabetta Miracle "Eliza" (Too close to Elizabeth which is a good, classic name but too common for my liking. Also, I dislike Miracle because it makes me worry about the child. "Oh no, is she okay? Does she have some birth defect/disability?")
    Emmeline Violet "Emmy" (So many E names on girls lately, I'm tired of them and this is just not my style but there's logically not much wrong with it, either.)
    Alexandrina Rose "Alexa" (I prefer Alexandra, Alexa is okay but I wouldn't like Alex on a girl as a nn)
    Constance Sophronia "Connie" (The mn is too odd for my liking, the first name is too frilly for my liking)

    Patience Hannelore "Patty" (this is the only one I really dislike: too much chance for irony if she has no patience, don't like the sound, and seems like an odd word to use)
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    I don't know if this will help you, but here is some advice.

    Go over each name on your list and try to picture first a baby, then a little girl, then a grown woman, and then an old woman. Maybe that can help you narrow down a few. The three that I have listed are my favorites from your list, because they are all very regal and elegant, and beautiful. They also age very well. See if you can find pros and cons in the names on your list and narrow that way.

    I would take two of your absolute favorites to the hospital with you, and when you deliver, decide what her name will be. You'll get there.

    Best of Luck.
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    -Alexandrina Rose "Alexa" Alexa is a cute nickname but I'm not really sure how to pronounce it and it's a bit too long for my liking.

    -Victoria Marie "Vicky" Victoria is very classic in pretty but I hate the nn Vicky! Vicky reminds me of icky I prefer Tori

    -Catherine Grace "Catie" This is my name except I spell it with a K Catherine is a good choice because there are many nicknames but, Catie is soooo common!! I feel like everywhere I go there is another Katie! There were 5 other Katies in my grade of 200 kids! So just warning you if you don't want your kid to have to common of a name avoid calling her Catie maybe Cat or Cate instead

    -Patience Hannelore "Patty" I really don't like this one sorry. I know a girl names Patricia who goes by Patty and people bully her and call her hamburger Patty. Plus Patience is kinda weird if your daughter decides to use her full name but Hannelore is very pretty!

    -Luciana J'Adore "Lucy" Gorgeous!! Love this one! Lucy is such a classic, pretty name and J'Adore makes it unique but not weird!

    -Elizabetta Miracle "Eliza" I prefer this to the traditional Elizabeth and Eliza is very cute! I'm not a fan of Miracle though and it sounds kinda like a filler to me.

    -Emmeline Violet "Emmy" GORGEOUS! This is my favorite of all of yours! Emmeline is sooo pretty for when she gets older and Emmy is adorable for while shes young. Violet sounds very pretty and fresh.

    -Nicolette Andromeda "Nica" I like the name Nicolette but not Nica I just think it sounds too harsh for a little girl. Andromeda doesn't flow well with Nicolette either, since Nicolette is so long a shorter nickname would compliment it better.

    -Constance Sophronia "Connie" Constance is nice and Connie is cute. Sophronia sounds really weird to me it just doesn't flow at all.

    My favorites of your list: Emmeline Violet, Luciana J'Adore, Victoria Marie
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    Alexandrina Rose "Alexa"- way too long NMS like just Alexa though!

    Victoria Marie "Vicky"- NOT VICKY! How about Tori?

    Catherine Grace "Catie"- Like!

    Patience Hannelore "Patty"- Eww...

    Luciana J'Adore "Lucy"- Love Lucy. Not the mN though...

    Elizabetta Miracle "Eliza"- noooooooo

    Emmeline Violet "Emmy"- yes love Emmy

    Nicolette Andromeda "Nica"- ok-ish

    Constance Sophronia "Connie"- more of a boy name

    My Fave is Catherine Grace "Catie"!

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