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    OK emergency time: Due in less than a week and still undecided: Help!!

    Hello all you lovely people!

    Sorry I haven't been on for a while. I'm almost due, a proper beached whale! We still have a fair few names on our lists and would ideally like to narrow it down to 2 options for each gender. So to join Kaia Felicity, William Arden (Will), Oliver Kendell (Ollie) and Alfred Harley (Al):

    (ih-moh-jen - short oh sounds as in british pn of mop - not a sound I think features in the US!)
    Imogen Evelyn Green
    Thea Evelyn Green
    Piper Evelyn Green
    Arla Imogen Green
    Phoebe Evelyn Green

    James Calvin Green
    George Calvin Green
    Henry Peter Green
    Edward Francis Green

    Very much looking forward to your responses. Thankyou Dahlia x
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    Piper or Imogen. Those are both great names that are super interesting while being very stylish and pretty.

    Arla and Thea don't feel like complete names to me, so that's why I eliminated those.

    For boys, I like all of your choices, but I like James or Henry best.
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    Piper Evelyn Green and James Calvin Green are my favorite out of all the names listed. Good luck!!
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    Piper Evelyn Green
    James or George Calvin Green
    are the front runners in my mind. I think they go very well with Kaia, Will, Ollie and Alfred.
    Good luck making the final choice!

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    Imogen Evelyn Green- not a big fan of Imogen
    Thea Evelyn Green- ok-ish
    Piper Evelyn Green- no
    Arla Imogen Green- elegant
    Phoebe Evelyn Green- nms

    James Calvin Green- James is a timeless name. Greak pick and goes with your other kids names.
    George Calvin Green- not after Prince George was born. It sounds too old anyway.
    Henry Peter Green- same as James, Love! My fav!
    Edward Francis Green- not ms for either of the names

    Good luck! My picks are Arla Imogen Green and Henry Peter Green.

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